About us

Bill received his Bible training from Northeastern Bible Institute after being graduated from Davis & Elkins College. He worked with Children’s Bible Fellowship in New York City for twelve years as head of city and beach evangelism and then served as children’s pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Florida for two and a half years prior to forming Children’s Gospel Crusade. Karen was graduated from Columbia Bible College and met Bill while working at Children’s Bible Fellowship.
Together they have been serving the Lord Jesus Christ in children’s ministry for many years and they desire to continue as long as the Lord gives them strength. Sharing the Gospel, seeing children come to Christ, and teaching them God’s Word is the focus of the ministry of Bill and Karen. Their ministry headquarters, Lynchburg, Virginia, has proven to be a central location.
Bill and Karen have two children and two precious granddaughters.

What we do
It all started when Bill was given his first ventriloquist doll and he began using it on the streets of New York City to attract children’s attention and then to direct them into a nearby church for a rally. Seeing the wonder in the children’s eyes as they were swept up in the magic of this talking doll combined with Bill’s own natural affinity for this wonderful tool to communicate created a life long relationship with ventriloquism as ministry. After those early days of street work with Bill’s vent doll “Uncle Cousin” came his marriage and partnership with Karen and thus the addition of another vent doll “Chuckles” who became Karen’s permanent sidekick. Bill and Karen, having worked with these city kids soon realized that while children love to learn, laugh and wonder they also have an attention span of about 7 minutes! Bill developed a program of original dummy and puppet skits, songs, Bible verses on white board, wrote and created slide shows, adventure stories, gospel magic tricks and gorgeous fluorescent flannel graph to illustrate Bible stories which would captivate children’s minds while teaching them God’s word. To aid the children in their further growth after the meetings, Bill wrote “Cousin’s Corner” pamphlets, books, tracts, and correspondence materials and additionally aired "The Uncle Cousin Show" from their home to listeners all over the Caribbean. Over years of ministry Bill and Karen have spoken to thousands of children and have taken their program to camps, children’s missionary conferences, daily vacation Bible schools, Christian schools, over 600 public schools in the Caribbean and many countries. Having been in ministry for many decades Bill and Karen began a teaching ministry to further educate and inspire the next generation to become evangelists and Bible teachers for children. They teach puppet handling skills, writing scripts, building a puppet stage and performance. Bill and Karen are often in their van on the way to a camp, DVBS or missionary conference in the United States or on a plane to the Caribbean where they have a schedule of school speaking engagements and teacher training sessions coordinated by island pastors.

"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake." Psalm 115:1